BF Engineering Recycling Services Ltd manufacture a wide array of award winning Shredding, Material handling and System solutions known as Wolfe Technology © to process your waste into a valuable.

We pride ourselves on being a UK manufacturer with the ability to provide the best possible experience for our clients. Everything is designed and manufactured in house at our facilities in Lampeter, West Wales.

Our team create bespoke system solutions to suit your process and location requirements. Helping you improve and meet recycling targets as smoothly as possible with output quality and performance increasing your profitability.

Examples of what we can shred


Could be a mixture of any and all of the below, or plastics not readily made recyclable, such as polyurethane.

  • PETE - Polyethylene terephthalate
  • HDPE - High density Polyethylene
  • PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
  • LDPE - Low density Polyethylene
  • PP - Polypropylene
  • PS - Polystyrene


Whether it's to fuel your biomass or to create a product for animal bedding, we can provide the perfect solution.

  • Residual wood
  • Pallets
  • Waste wood

File | Data

Document and data carrier shredding with high throughput to, and to meet certified security levels according to DIN 66399. The shredding process makes it impossible to put shredded pieces back together.

  • Paper
  • Folders
  • Optical data carriers (i.e. cd-rom)
  • Magnetic data carriers (i.e. floppy disc)
  • Hard drives
  • Electronic data carriers (i.e. USB)

Paper | Cardboard

Recycling and re-use of old paper from production companies is an important part of recycling for both economical and landfill reasons.

  • Used paper
  • Books
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Paper rolls
  • Paper bales


RDF waste (refuse derived fuel) is used to generate energy for facilities i.e. electricity and hot water.

  • Bulky waste
  • Domestic waste
  • Commercial waste
  • Used tyres
  • Rubber
  • Plastic scrap
  • Used timber

Hazardous waste

Medical/Hazardous waste can be optimally utilised thermally, or disposed of together with normal waste subsequent to being sterilised.

  • General waste
  • Infected plastics
  • Sharps

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Machinery Solutions

Our cutting edge machinery is specially tailored to your requirements and conditions.

Our products are...
  • Low maintenance solutions with continuous operation
  • Heavy duty design
  • Moving parts fully enclosed to meet safety standards

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